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Intro"DUCE"ing one of the finest upcoming and rising stars out of the heart and soul of Dallas, TX. "DucePlaya" known as J-Roc from his peers and Jason Howard from family, close friends and those that matter to him the most is considered one of the hottest underground upcoming artist to hit the Heavy Hitting sounds of the South.

DucePlaya is the epitome of what it means to be a successful dedicated versatile hip-hop artist in todays hip-hop world. The music industry has yet to see the best of this young positively motivated individual. The path paved for him through countless days and nights within the Dallas music scene has poised DucePlaya's musically genious mind to expand, grow, adjust, and to reveal a creativity limitless array of delivery techniques in which he gives much acclaimed influential credit to many southern artists whom have moved him in the dynamic direction he chooses to lead. 

With his smooth lyrical articulation and hardcore versatility as a musician "DucePlaya" is inspired by his charismatic lifestyle, family and simply the love of music - theres nothing that can stand in his way.

DucePlaya's Newly Acclaimed Album "High - Definition" is expected to be released November 1, 2011 produced by DFW's Ingenius of 7G Music & Genesis Productions. This Album will feature DucePlaya's World, his life experiences and obstacles within his exciting musical journey. Ladies and Gents you're invited to witness DucePlaya's Higher Definition and listeners are only to be left in aww of his 1st LP - look forward to some sex driving, body rocking, head bangin music you going want to more and more of.

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